CANALSIDE Apartment Block Appeal Submitted

14 December, 2021 | News

AN appeal has been lodged over lack of a verdict from city officials regarding a proposed flats development beside the Forth and Clyde Canal near Firhill.

The application is for eight apartments on Murano Street at Firhill Road, on tree covered land formerly occupied by an electricity sub-station.

The four-storey building would contain seven two-bedroom flats and one unit with one bedroom.

The developer is exercising its right to get the application heard by Glasgow City councillors on an appeal panel because the proposal hasn’t been determined within the time period expected.

Responding to concerns raised by planners, the applicant’s agent argues: “With regards to the shape, size and context of the proposed development, it is felt that the proposed building fits well with the context on this previously developed site.

“It maximises the housing provision on a brownfield site which has always been a strong desire of the Scottish Planning Policy.

“With regards to parking, it is hoped that the council might be supportive of a move away from car-based housing and accepting of the need to restrict parking provision within new developments, otherwise we will never move away from our reliance on the private car for transport; not just in the city centre but also in dense outlying areas, with good access to local facilities and public transport, such as this one.

“It would have been possible to sacrifice the ground floor accommodation for parking, with electric car charging points, but this did not feel like the best way forward.”

The response concludes: “The canal’s value as a wildlife corridor will not be adversely affected. This is a previously developed site which has become overgrown. A corridor of green space will still be retained. The site does not extend all the way to the canal edge.”

A previous application to build a 10-bedroom three-storey student accommodation block at the triangular site was refused.

City council officials said that proposal would have led to overdevelopment, an overconcentration of student residences and loss of canalside biodiversity habitat and healthy trees.

The report by planners stated: “The site currently provides breathing space and a green buffer which helps to mediate between…adjacent buildings and the canal.”

No date has been set for the appeal hearing.

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