BYRES Road Public Realm Work To Begin In January

8 November, 2022 | Active Travel, Public Realm

THE Glasgow City Region Cabinet today approved a major makeover of the streetscape on Byres Road.

The first phase of the work at the retail and food/drink destination in Glasgow’s West End will involve Partick Cross to University Avenue. It will start in January and is due to be completed by summer 2024.

The City Deal-funded project aims to rejuvenate the quality of the street’s public realm to create a people-focused place that improves the pedestrian experience, enhances the economic vibrancy of shops and services, and makes the area more cycle and environment-friendly.

The second phase, between University Avenue and Great Western Road, will commence following completion of the first.

The main features of the project include:

— The introduction of a one-way gyratory system at the southern end of the street;

— Reducing the speed of traffic through the introduction of a 20mph speed limit;

— Reducing the width of the carriageway and removing a number of on-street car parking bays to create additional pedestrian and cycling space;

— Widening and upgrading of footways to make pedestrian movement along the street more relaxed and enjoyable and to reduce the width of crossing points;

— Introduction of step-free crossings at side streets;

— Enhancing ‘key corners’ to create distinct and attractive spaces where people can sit and rest;

— The introduction of protected cycle infrastructure including a contraflow cycle lane to allow cyclists a continuous route between Great Western Road and Partick Cross.

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council and chair of the Glasgow City Region Cabinet, said: “Residents, businesses and everyone who comes to Byres Road will enjoy the benefit of this work, which will significantly improve the public realm there, raising the quality of pavements and public spaces, and making it easier for people using different modes of travel to get around this great Glasgow street.”

John Turner, chair of the Byres Road and Lanes Business Information District (BID), said: “We are very pleased that, after the considerable delays caused by the pandemic, the planned improvements to Byres Road will finally be getting underway early in 2023.

“We are eagerly awaiting the completion of the works and trust that they will enhance Byres Road in its position as a top visitor destination.

“The Byres Road and Lanes BID is looking forward to working closely with the council and their contractors to ensure that the work, while necessary, will be done in such a way that will cause the minimum of disruption to the existing businesses and residents of the area.”

Scottish Government business minister Ivan McKee said: “This project will encourage cycling and walking in the West End of Glasgow, creating more liveable and sustainable communities, and is to be welcomed.”

UK Government minister for Scotland Malcolm Offord said: “It’s fantastic to see the improvements to Byres Road begin enhancing the city’s already vibrant West End. The new pedestrian and cycle routes alongside the creation of eco-friendly spaces will make space for both residents and visitors to enjoy.”

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