BUCHANAN Galleries Vision Is For ‘Office-Led, Mixed-use’ Neighbourhood

8 September, 2022 | Office, Retail, Major Developments

EARLY illustrations of how the Buchanan Galleries site could be transformed have been drawn up as further consultation takes place.

Lead tenant Landsec plan to demolish the shopping centre and create an office-led, mixed-use urban neighbourhood.

Retail space and restaurants would be concentrated on street fronts and more public space and landscaping would be created including an event area beside Queen Street Station.

The consultation website states: “The future of where people live, work, shop and have fun has rapidly changed over the past few years.

“Retail is changing, and to succeed needs to provide experiences that can’t easily be replicated online.

“Our city centres have also never been so important -– the pandemic has shifted focus away from our cities, and we need to work harder to create compelling reasons for people to visit, shop, work and stay.

“We want to transform Buchanan Galleries to meet the changing needs of local people, visitors, businesses, and the wider city.

“Following previous feedback from local people and stakeholders, in the coming months our expert design team will begin to generate ideas based on our vision to create a net zero, office-led, mixed-use, urban neighbourhood that complements the city’s iconic grid layout and blends shopping, work, city living, and leisure with new public spaces.”

Nick Davis, senior development director, Landsec said: “We had a positive response to stage one of our public consultation and are looking forward to hearing more views and opinions throughout September.

“These illustrative images aim to bring to life some of our emerging ideas for the masterplan which reflects the feedback we have received to date from the public.

“We want more local voices to help shape our masterplan for this exciting project to create a more accessible, green, safe and vibrant city centre which works for everyone, and we would encourage as many people as possible to have their say.”

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