BID To Overturn Listed Building Consent Refusal Fails

14 April, 2021 | Listed / Historic Buildings

AN appeal over rejection of a plan for serviced apartments at a B-listed Glasgow City Centre townhouse has been unsuccessful.

Lets Direct Ltd wanted to convert empty offices at 266 St Vincent Street next to King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut into 14 “bespoke quality service apartments, enjoying good space standards, with quality fixtures and fittings”.

Glasgow City Council refused listed building and change of use applications.

The applicant has appealed over both but a reporter appointed by the Scottish Government’s planning and environmental appeals division has now backed the council over its listed building verdict.

In her report, Sinéad Lynch states: “Historic Environment Scotland did not object to the development, as it does not raise issues of national significance. However, it did express concerns at the application stage, stating ‘…. the historic floorplan should remain legible after works are complete. In particular, we advise that the principal rooms at first floor level should not be subdivided.’. The council agrees with the position of Historic Environment Scotland and does not support the proposed subdivision of the principal front rooms.

“The appellant considers that the proposed development has been designed to respect the original layout of rooms and to ensure that there is no impact on the external elevations or the pattern of fenestration.

“I find that the works proposed for the first floor would result in visible partitions in the front two principal rooms, and the kitchenette and the door leading to it would also be visible from the street.

“As a consequence, the disruption to the original floorplan would be obvious in the public realm. I conclude that the character and appearance of the conservation area would neither be preserved or enhanced by the first-floor element of this proposal.”

The appeal over the change-of-use refusal has still to be considered by Glasgow councillors.

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