APPLICATION For Drive-Thru Food Outlet In Maryhill Is Withdrawn

27 January, 2020 | Food and Drink

A BID to get permission for a drive-thru restaurant on a vacant site in Maryhill has been withdrawn.

The application, submitted in June last year, involved land on Maryhill Road opposite the large Tesco store, just a few hundred yards from a McDonald’s drive-thru.

Planning documents did not reveal what kind of drive-thru it would be although the proposed site layout was based on proposals from an unnamed operator.

The development was to involve partial re-opening of the Maryhill Road/Craigmont Drive junction and alterations to access arrangements for the neighbouring JD Gyms facility.

No reason has been given for the applicant withdrawing the proposal before a verdict was reached by planners although a response from Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) did raise concerns about the possible affect of road alterations on bus journey times.

It stated: “We are concerned the proposed changes to the Maryhill Road/Garrioch Road/Craigmont Drive junction will have a detrimental impact on traffic flow and therefore bus journey time on this section of Maryhill Road.

“We suggest that further work is required to demonstrate that the proposed changes will not adversely affect bus journey time on the Maryhill Road corridor or bus services which operate via Garrioch Road or Ruchill Street.

“Research undertaken by SPT, utilising real-time data from buses operating on streamline corridors across the city, has shown that the Maryhill Road, eastbound towards the city, is the third slowest corridor in the city. It is essential that these proposals do not further affect this.”

A statement submitted by the applicant had stated : “Direct vehicular access to the Maryhill Road corridor is critical to make this proposal commercially viable.”

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