75-Foot-High COP26 ‘Hope’ Sculpture To Be Put Up At Clyde Urban Park

27 August, 2021 | Public Realm, Public Art

AN art installation pointing to “a greener, brighter future” is to be installed at Cuningar Loop Woodland Park.

Regeneration initiative Clyde Gateway has been given permisssion to put up the 75-foot-high sculpture at the site in Rutherglen.

It will consist of a 10-foot-high statue of a child on top of a 65-foot-high plinth and is to be to be known as the Hope Sculpture. 

It will be associated with the COP26 climate summit to be held in Glasgow this autumn.

The development will also feature an area of hardstanding area, four stone benches and lighting.

A report by South Lanarkshire planning department states: “Although it is intended for the sculpture to be put in place in advance of the COP 26 summit, the development would be retained as a permanent feature within Cuningar Loop thereafter.

“The proposed feature is intended to represent a symbol for a greener, brighter future in the face of the environmental challenges associated with climate change that lie ahead. 

“The development would be undertaken within an open area of the loop known as the meadow.”

The report continues: “Given the remote location of the proposed development from the nearest residential properties in both Glasgow and South Lanarkshire, there would not be considered to be any adverse residential amenity impact associated with the development.

“It is noted that the proposals would not have any adverse impact on the greenspace in which they are located. In fact, the development may well have a positive impact in terms of encouraging more visitors to the park.”

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