£1.8MILLION Restoration Contract To Be Awarded For Restoration Of 16th Century Glasgow Hall

26 December, 2019 | News, Listed / Historic Buildings

GLASGOW City Council is inviting contractors to bid for a £1.8million project to restore and enhance 16th century Provan Hall.

The category A listed building of national significance at Auchinlea Park, Easterhouse, beside the Fort shopping mall, one of the oldest buildings in Glasgow.

Work is expected to take around 10 months and will include repairs, re-surfacing of the courtyard, new heritage areas and alterations to form a new welcome hub, office and flexible spaces.

The restoration project aims to celebrate the structure’s importance as part of the city’s history.

It is to be carried out alongside other initiatives including formation of the Seven Lochs Wetland Park, which will reconnect the buildings to their wider landscape, with Provan Hall acting as a key gateway to the park.

The project’s design statement explains: “Investing in the visitor experience and community engagement at Provan Hall will enable the building to fulfill it’s potential as a visitor attraction, and ensure that it is protected into the future.

“Audience engagement with heritage is a primary aim of the project, and a significant increase in visitors to the building and surrounding park are expected.

“The building is completely unique within Glasgow and it is essential that a wide range of visitors are welcomed to the building and that they can experience it in a safe and comfortable way.”

Provan Hall is owned by the National Trust for Scotland and leased to Glasgow City Council. Upon completion of the restoration project, the building will be managed by the Provan Hall Community Management Trust, under a sub-lease from the council.

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